Per vaginal delivery of Syncephalus thoracopagus Tetrabrachius tetrapus conjoined twins in a Surti buffalo

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Mitesh Gaur Satish - Dinesh Jhamb Hemant Joshi Vikash Kumar Govind Narayan Purohit


A rare case of dystocia in a Surti buffalo due to syncephalus thoracopagus tetrabrachius tetrapus cryptorchid conjoined male twin which was delivered per vaginum by traction is reported


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GAUR, Mitesh et al. Per vaginal delivery of Syncephalus thoracopagus Tetrabrachius tetrapus conjoined twins in a Surti buffalo. Buffalo Bulletin, [S.l.], v. 40, n. 2, p. 383-388, june 2021. ISSN 2539-5696. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 28 sep. 2022.
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