Dystocia due to external hydrocephalus in a primiparous buffalo heifer


  • Nunna Veera Venkata Hari Krishna Department of Veterinary Clinical Complex, NTR College of Veterinary Science, Gannavaram, India




Bubalus Bubalis, buffaloes, dystocia, external hydrocephalus


A primiparous non-descript buffalo heifer in ninth month of gestation was presented for showing the signs of abortion, i.e., vaginal discharges and rupture of water bag (choreo-allantois). Obstetrical examination revealed an open cervix. The foetus was in anterior longitudinal presentation, dorso-sacral position and was locked in pelvic cavity. A round sructure was observed in the pelvic cavity. Based on history and clinical observations, it was diagnosed as late gestational threatened abortion. It was decided to deliver the calf by manual traction, if not possible, by cesarean section. Manual traction on the foetus using snares was applied and a dead foetus with hydrocephalus was delivered per vagina.


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Author Biography

Nunna Veera Venkata Hari Krishna, Department of Veterinary Clinical Complex, NTR College of Veterinary Science, Gannavaram, India

drharikrishnavet@gmail.com, jaihanumanhari@yahoo.com


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