The effect of age at first calving on productive life and lifetime profit in lactating Egyptian buffaloes


  • Hassan Ghazy El-Awady Animal Production Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Kafrelsheikh University, Kafrelsheikh, Egypt
  • Adel Fawzey Ibrahim Animal Production Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Dokki, Egypt
  • Ibrahim Atta Mohammed Abu El-Naser Animal Production Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Damietta University, Damietta, Egypt


Bubalus bubalis, buffaloes, age, calving, Egyptian buffaloes, profitable, genetic, number service per conception


Data on Egyptian buffalo were analyzed to estimate the effect of age at first calving (AFC, mo) classes on some productive traits [milk yield (MY, kg), milk yield per day, (MY/D, kg), and lactation period (LP, d) and reproductive traits [calving interval (CI, d) and number of services per conception (NSPC, count). Means for AFC were 916±41, 1143±72 and 1414±119 days for early, average and late respectively. Additionally, means of milk yield (MY) for mentioned three levels of AFC were 1780±774, 1920±607 and 2040±812 kg, respectively.

Economic evaluations indicated that the profit per buffalo cow during the lifetime production were L.E 62960 ($3778), L.E 38538 ($2312) and L.E 3695 ($222) of early, average and late AFC, respectively. Reducing AFC was a positive influence on lifetime profit per buffalo cow. Lifetime profit rises to about L.E 24400, L.E 59200, and L.E 34800 when AFC decreased to 30 months from (38 months), to 30 months from (55 months) and to 38 months from (55 months), respectively. Heritability estimates for MY, MY/D, LP, CI, NSPC and AFC were 0.39±0.09, 0.31±0.07, 0.21±0.08, 0.15±0.06, 0.11±0.07 and 0.57±0.18, respectively. Genetic correlations between AFC and MY, MY/D, LP, CI, NSPC were -0.146±0.33, -0.382±0.30, +0.038±0.47, +0.530±0.49 and +0.311±0.63, successively. The present results revealed that the buffaloes having late AFC were unprofitable during her productive life in the farm, but still needs further investigation of large data with different geographical area and management conditions.


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