Diagnosis and therapeutic management of oral tumours in Murrah buffaloes

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Sandeep Kumar Ranbir Singh Bisla Prem Singh Ram Najar Chaudhary Krishan Kumar Jakhar


The present study was conducted on eleven Murrah buffaloes suffering from tumourous growth in oral cavity to evaluate the efficacy of surgical and chemotherapeutic treatment along with diagnosis by clinical, radiography and histopathological examination. Radiographic examination was done to observe the invasiveness of tumour, osteolytic changes, teeth displacement, calcification, or any other changes to undertake surgery accordingly. Histopathological examination revealed that all oral tumours were benign in nature like ameloblastoma, fibroma and myxoma. Vincristine sulphate and anthiomaline was administered as chemotherapeutic agents after surgical excision of the tumourous growth. Supportive therapy like liver tonics was also administered during the course of treatment to lower down the side effects of chemotherapeutic agents. Eight buffaloes recovered, two died while one buffalo had reoccurrence during follow up. Main aetiology behind death of the buffaloes was inappetance to long standing anorexia condition. The present study concluded that most of the oral tumours in buffaloes were benign in nature and removal of tumourous growth followed by chemotherapy is successful in its treatment with less chance of reoccurrence.


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