Incidence of various haemoprotozoan diseases in buffaloes

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Asha - Hemant Kumar Mehta Madhu Shivhare Rahul Chourasia


The present study was carried out at Veterinary Clinical Complex (V.C.C.), College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Mhow. The present investigation was undertaken to study the Epidemiology of Haemoprotozoan Diseases in Buffaloes using Giemsa’s staining technique and also to correlate the meteorological parameter with the incidence of haemoprotozoan diseases. The samples were collected from the randomly selected buffaloes belonging to three districts viz Indore, Dhar and Alirajpur of Madhya Pradesh. A total of 756 samples were collected from different buffaloes in which 252 samples were collected from each selected district. The incidence of haemoprotozoan diseases was recorded in three districts as 58.32% in Indore district followed by 29.75% and 28.56% in Alirajpur and Dhar district respectively. The highest prevalence was found in adult’s age, followed by in heifers and lowest in calves in all three districts.


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