Horizontal mattress suturing for repairing ruptured muzzle and nasal septum in Nili-Ravi buffalo

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Sama Awais Akram Amar Nasir Rana Waqar Tabish Farah Ijaz Sayyed Aun Muhammad Imran Bashir


Muzzle and nasal septum mostly rupture in aggressive tempered animals as owners apply conventional halters combined with nose rings (crossed through the nasal septum) on permanent basis in such vicious animals for their secure handling particularly in the Punjab province of Pakistan. A case of 5 years old lactating Nili-Ravi buffalo weighing 280 Kg was presented at the Teaching Hospital of College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Jhang. The animal was presented with severely lacerated muzzle and ruptured nasal septum. The condition was rectified surgically, applying simple interrupted sutures in combination with horizontal mattress suture pattern by using modified straight needle. Infraorbital nerve was blocked with 2% Lignocaine HCl. Medicinal therapy using Penicillin and Meloxicam (I/M) was under taken post-operatively. Povidone Iodine and Neem oil was smeared topically as antiseptic and fly repellant. Few complications were evident due to the negligence of owner in post-operative care of the surgical intervention, but the wound was completely healed in a month’s period.

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AKRAM, Sama Awais et al. Horizontal mattress suturing for repairing ruptured muzzle and nasal septum in Nili-Ravi buffalo. Buffalo Bulletin, [S.l.], v. 40, n. 3, p. 509-513, sep. 2021. ISSN 2539-5696. Available at: <https://kuojs.lib.ku.ac.th/index.php/BufBu/article/view/3092>. Date accessed: 21 oct. 2021.
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