Individuals interested in submitting academic articles or original research articles that have not been previously published in other journals are invited. The articles should be formatted according to the writing guidelines of the Journal of Applied Economics and Strategic Management. Submissions are accepted only through online channels. For further inquiries, please contact us at phone number 038-352-602, mobile 081-781-0937, or via email at
For those submitting articles through the online system, starting from December 1, 2021, the journal will collect a registration fee for article consideration of 5,000 Baht (five thousand baht) per article when entering the review process. The review will be conducted by three qualified reviewers, and the consideration process involves specific steps (downloadable here).
Things that article submitters should be aware of.
1. Study the criteria and prepare the original manuscript for article submission (download  here)
      1.1 Article Submission Form
      1.2 Article Guideline
      1.3 APA Referencing Guide
2. Publish according to the journal's article writing format (download  here).
     2.1 Form for Research Article
     2.2 Form of Academic Article
3. Study the steps for using the OJS system of the journal (download  here).
     3.1 Recommend website 
     3.2 Register 
     3.3 Forget your password 
     3.4 Manage personal information (Profiles) 
     3.5 Author workflow overview 
     3.6 Article workflow overview 
     3.7 Article submission 
     3.8 Article revisions
4. Submit articles through the online system (access the online system here).
Note: For more information, please contact Line ID: