Duties of Authors

1. The work of the author must be new and has not been previously published or disclosed in any form elsewhere.

2. Authors are obligated to report truthfully on the research conducted, ensuring the accuracy of the data presented. Data must not be manipulated or falsified.

3. Authors should appropriately cite and reference the works of others. If using text or ideas from other sources, proper credit must be given. A comprehensive reference list should be included at the end of the article.

4. Authors must adhere to the formatting and stylistic guidelines set by the journal when preparing their research articles.

5. Everyone listed as an author must have actively participated in the research process.

6. Authors should disclose any financial support or funding received for the research presented in the manuscript if any.

7. Authors must not submit the same work to the Journal of Applied Economics and Management Strategy while it is under consideration or already published in another journal or platform.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Editor

1. The editor is responsible for reviewing and examining articles, including their format, completeness, and quality, before the evaluation process is initiated by qualified reviewers, with the aim of publishing and disseminating them in the journal for which they are responsible.

2. Editors must base their decisions on academic reasoning, free from biases related to the author's race, gender, religion, culture, politics, or affiliation.

3. Editors must maintain confidentiality regarding the information of both authors and reviewers during the evaluation process. Information should not be disclosed to unrelated individuals.

4. Editors have the authority to make final decisions on the acceptance or rejection of a manuscript based on the evaluation results, considering alignment with the journal's objectives and content scope.

5. Editors must not publish articles that have been previously published elsewhere in any format.

6. Editors must not have any conflicts of interest with the authors, the reviewers, or the management team.

7. Editors must not use the content of submitted manuscripts or the journal itself for personal gain or use it as their own scholarly work.

8. Editors are responsible for thoroughly checking manuscripts for plagiarism using reliable software. If clear evidence of plagiarism is found, the evaluation process should be halted, and the authors should be contacted for clarification before making a decision to accept or reject the manuscript.

Duties of Reviewers

1. Reviewers must maintain confidentiality regarding the content of the manuscripts they are evaluating throughout the review process.

2. Reviewers must not have conflicts of interest with the authors, such as being project collaborators, having personal relationships with the authors or any other reason that might compromise the ability to assess the article or provide unbiased feedback.

3. Reviewers should assess articles within their expertise, considering the content’s relevance to their field. They should evaluate the quality of analysis and the concentration of the work.

4. Reviewers must specify relevant research work that aligns with the article under evaluation, especially if the author has not explicitly referenced it in the manuscript.

5. Reviewers must notify editors if they identify any parts of the manuscript that appear to be similar or duplicated from other works without appropriate citation.