Repair of prepubic tendon rupture in buffaloes: Comparison of suture herniorrhaphy and nylon mesh hernioplasty

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Ajaybir Singh Dhaliwal Tarunbir Singh Pallavi Verma Jitender Mohindroo Navdeep Singh


Prepubic tendon defects were treated surgically in six buffaloes. Animals were presented with history of swelling in caudal ventral abdominal region. Condition was diagnosed from clinical appearance, manual palpation and ultrasonographic examination. Neutrophilia (63.00±3.31%), lymphocytopenia (34.00±2.94%), elevated AST (181.00±23.84 μ/L) and ALT (94.75±21.29 μ/L) levels were the major haemato-biochemical alterations in the affected animals. Surgical management was carried out under general anesthesia in dorsal recumbency. Prepubic tendon defects were treated by suture herniorrhaphy in two and by nylon mesh hernioplasty in four animals. Animals operated by hernioplasty recovered uneventfully without any major post-operative complications. One animal, treated by suture herniorrhaphy showed recurrence of defect on 3rd post-operative day. In this animal nylon mesh hernioplasty as revision procedure was performed. Long-term follow up revealed satisfactory regain of productive and reproductive status in all the animals. It was concluded that nylon mesh hernioplasty could be a useful and economical solution in large size defects, where high-tension at the site of defect limit the application of suture herniorrhaphy.


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DHALIWAL, Ajaybir Singh et al. Repair of prepubic tendon rupture in buffaloes: Comparison of suture herniorrhaphy and nylon mesh hernioplasty. Buffalo Bulletin, [S.l.], v. 40, n. 2, p. 373-382, june 2021. ISSN 2539-5696. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 28 sep. 2022.
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